Timothy's World Coffee  

Located right in the lobby of the Americana Resort!

Enjoy a great cup of coffee, a heart-warming tea or a refreshing smoothie. Timothy's also features a light menu with muffins, cookies and other delights as well as some seasonal favourites. Open daily at 7 am.

Prior to enjoying your great cup of Timothy's coffee, our coffee beans have gone through several transformations to develop their unique qualities, characteristics, and flavours. The quality of the beans, the art of roasting the beans, and the freshness of the roasted coffee all play an integral part in creating that perfect cup of Timothy's coffee.

Timothy's selects the top 5% of the world's best specialty-grade Arabica coffee beans. To ensure maximum freshness, we sell our coffee within 20 days of roasting. You can taste our commitment to superb flavour, quality, and freshness in every cup of Timothy's coffee.

At Timothy's World Coffee we are dedicated to providing quality choices of coffee, espresso, tea and hot chocolate. We strive to use only the freshest and finest ingredients the world has to offer.