Educational Travel Groups  

Let us help plan your annual class trip. The Americana Resort understands the needs and regulations of student travel. Unique education programs are available in Niagara Falls. Learn and have fun at the same time!

Stay, Learn and Play!

The Americana resort offers the ideal student oriented destination in Niagara Falls.Packages include:

  • One Nights accommodation
  • Waterpark Admission
  • One educational program
  • Hot Breakfast

Waves Indoor Waterpark + Education = Fun!

As you plan for your students travels why not take a field trip to Waves Indoor/Outdoor Waterpark. Niagara's only waterpark with a retractable roof and the best air quality . Our programs offer opportunities to gain experience in topics for all curriculums and incorporate fun!


Choose one of the following programs to suit your curriculum.

Science and Technology-Sink Or Float?

Predictions and Demonstrations


Advertising methods, promotions and group presentation

Physical Education-Personal Safety and Hygiene Program

Applications for everyday life and water safety.

Horticulture-Greenhouse Effect and Tropical Plant Care

Greenhouse effect and tropical plant care

Educational Field Trip Packages include Pizza Lunch and beverage All day pass to Waves Waterpark.

All Field Trip programs are $25.00 per person inclusive of tax. Educational portion is approximately 45 minutes. Minimum of 10 students required. Certified Life Guards on duty at all times. Life jackets available in many sizes.

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