Team Building  

Every company has teams that work together as one. These organizations are built on a foundation that bonds the members together in a variety of activities which encourage growth within the unit. We call this Team Building.

Take a look at what the Americana can offer you to help with team development. Use hands-on, innovative and collaborative approaches to create a stimulating environment and enhance your conference experience. We also offer 3 different types of Wine & Food Tasting Experiences which can make your taste buds tingle.

Wine & Food Tasting Experiences

The Art of Pairing Wine With Food

Do you find pairing wine with food challenging? Most people do. Would you like to know how to do this like the experts, every time, without fail, at home or in restaurants? Wine experts were amazed with this unique seminar when it was first presented by VQA Canada!

You will experience an original and memorable wine and food tasting experience: crisp wine with crisp food, acidic wine with acidic food, slightly sweet wines with sweet foods, just to name a few? Do you know how salt, peppers, herbs, acids (citrus), fruit, chilli peppers, and other ingredients can enhance your wine and food experience?

You'll be amazed at what you'll learn when you taste these pairings and the effect they have on your palate.

The Art of Pairing Wine with Cheese

Wine and cheese go together like no other food pairing! With hundreds of cheeses and thousands of wines available – how is one to know what to pair? Wow your guests with spectacular matches, just like the best Chefs do!

Amazingly, it is quite simple when you know a few basics, which you will easily learn and understand during this tasting! You will confidently match red, white and dessert wines to any cheese: ie. soft Brie or Goat, semi-soft Feta or Oka, hard Cheddar or Parmesan, Blue Cheese, and all others.

You will taste matches that are pure ambrosia, and others that are definitely not, because you will taste all the cheeses with all the wines, and have a lot of fun and laughter doing it!

Wine Sensory Evaluation

How accurate is your sense of smell? It is easy to detect the aroma of green pepper, lemons, limes, raspberry, pineapple, butter, tobacco, apples, peach, floral, petrol, spices, leather, cedar, chocolate, etc. when we can see them.

But, can you identify aromas when they are not visible to you? It is a lot harder than most people think - you will be surprised at how difficult it can be!

Winemakers and sommeliers are experts at determining aromas in wines, which helps to intensify the pleasure of enjoying wine. This seminar will teach you how to "memorize" aromas so that the next time you sniff a wine you will know what that aroma is. Amaze your friends when you spot butter in Chardonnays, lemon in Riesling, or chocolate in a Cabernet!

Ever wondered if you have been served an oxidized or "corked" (bad) wine? You will know after this seminar!

This is one of our most popular seminars with lots of fun and laughter!